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Don’t Know How to Motivate Your Child to Learn a Language? Try this!

Children like new things. Children learn fast and easily when they are motivated. But what can you do when they are not motivated to improve their foreign language skills? Here's something to try!

Children like imitating adults. So, why not trying to learn a foreign language yourself? It might sound crazy, but that will boost your children's motivation.

If you decide to learn a language that your children are learning at school, you will show support. You can discuss language rules and the words you come across. That way, your children will feel more confident, and that will positively influence their motivation. They will start loving the language and will take it seriously.

Learning a language that your child is learning can strengthen your bonds.

One way to excite your child is to suggest using a foreign language as your secret language. Every time your child wants to talk to you, it will be more interesting to do it in your secret language since...

a) you practice a foreign language,

b) you create a special connection with your child, and

c) you motivate your child to speak the language.

To go one step further, when you and your children achieve an intermediate level or higher, you could set up a goal of visiting countries where people speak the language you learn. You can even make a challenge and try using only a foreign language on that trip!

Learning a language should be a pleasure. Foreign languages such as French or Spanish are useful because there are many countries where these languages have official status.


Which language would you like to learn with your children?


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