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How to Improve Your Child's French Grades

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Parents often wonder, "What can I do to improve my child's French grades?"

Some children don't feel motivated to learn a foreign language. It seems complicated, so they decide not even to try. But you can have confidence because you have the power to help your son or daughter really improve in French.

Try these tips to help your child with French!

Motivate. Give your children relevant reasons why learning French is important. If they know why they're studying the language, it will be easier for them to motivate themselves. If you're planning a trip to France or another French-speaking country, let your kids know that they can speak to the locals. If they learn the basics to interact with others, they'll have a great time.

Use funny ways of learning French. Thanks to an extensive array of French books, videos, and cartoons, children nowadays have a lot of choices for developing their skills. Using humor will not directly improve your children's French grades but will increase their motivation to learn French. Once they're motivated, they will want to get good grades. Some of the resources we suggest are the book (or a cartoon) Le Petit Nicolas that describes the adventures of a group of schoolchildren. You should also check out this YouTube Channel or Le Monde des Titounis, where you can discover a lot of interesting short videos. Your kids will love them.

Immerse yourself in the French language. Have you learned French before? Maybe you should try it out! Children like to imitate adults. If they notice that you are learning French, they will want to do it with you.

Find a good teacher. If you would like your children to learn French and really improve their French grades, set them up with a private teacher. Select a tutor skilled in transmitting not only the knowledge but also the passion for the French language. The right teacher will change language study from a chore to a thrill.


What do you think, which option would work for your kids? Have you already tried some of these moves?


If you need a French tutor, you are in the right place! Fourmi teachers are looking forward to meeting you and helping you and your child learn French fast and easy.

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