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How to Choose the Best French Teacher

Just imagine: You're a motivated individual who wants to speak French like a native, but you're a beginner. You want to work with a great teacher but you're concerned that you're not good enough to work with the best. Don't shortchange yourself. You need to choose a great teacher to make sure you learn efficiently, develop great speaking skills, and enjoy the private one-on-one classes.

Learning a foreign language can be an incredible challenge if you don't have the right approach. You get out of your comfort zone. You dive into the world of nouns, tenses, and vocabulary that you've never seen. And although you feel enthusiastic, you can't do everything on your own.

The most important thing your teacher should do

Find a teacher who will understand and correct you -- a teacher who will help you understand and fix your mistakes. A teacher that speaks clearly so that you will understand when the new language chapters open. A teacher who will adapt to your needs and make you master every single thing you learn. You need the best French teacher.

Every year, in countries across the world, people want to become French teachers. Some of them are native French speakers, and some are not. To become a French teacher, these folks study French grammar as well as phonetics, literature, and vocabulary - all this to get familiar with the French language. They go to universities and pass many exams to confirm they have mastered the French language.

A university-trained French teacher may not be good enough for you

Unfortunately, some of these French-teachers-to-be limit themselves to university knowledge. And that's not good. That type of teacher is not good enough for you. Why?

Languages live with people. Languages evolve every day. Teachers who think that what they learned at the university is enough to teach are not what you're looking for. Why? You will not grow with them - because they're not growing.

Fortunately for you, there are a lot of extraordinary French teachers -- teachers who stretch themselves to be the best for their students. Teachers who teach not only by the book, but who teach you real-life French. Teachers who study and improve themselves every day. With this kind of teacher, you feel comfortable even when you make mistakes. Those teachers are truly the best.

If you have a great teacher, you will ultimately speak French like a native. Don't settle for anything less than the best.

If you're looking for the best French teacher for you, you're in the right place! Our Fourmi teachers are devoted to the students' success. Write to us at or fill out this questionnaire.

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