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5 Things All Beginning French Students Need to Know

Do you ever wonder why some people pick up a language more easily than others? Here are the 5 things that all beginning language students need to know if they want to become excellent in their new language.

Listen. There are audiobooks, music, podcasts... Half of the interaction with others is just listening. These days, it's so easy to practice listening in French. Choose your favorite media and make sure that every time you're walking, cooking, shopping, etc., you're listening to something new in French. Listening to anything in French will improve your comprehension to make you more like a native French person.

Watch. Great videos are free and all over YouTube. They are an outstanding resource to learn a new vocabulary or work on your grammar. Here is one of my favorites.

Practice. Every day. Fourmi teachers recommend practicing all the time. You don't have to spend hours studying. But you need to keep coming back to your French. Try thinking in French. Even if you're just starting, imagine yourself speaking French. For example, when you greet people, what would say if they spoke French? (Answer: Bonjour. Ça va?) When you go to the store, don't look for cheese and eggs. Say to yourself, "Où sont le fromage et les oeufs?" Small practice sessions will get you to wanted results. And, of course, if your Fourmi teacher gives you some exercises, be sure to do them. We never give people too much homework, but a little each day can have an amazing impact on how fast you learn.

Review.  Go over every new piece of information a teacher presents to you soon after class. Flashcards are the best tool for learning vocabulary. At Fourmi Languages, we recommend a super app called Brainscape.

Be curious. Ask questions. If there is something you don't understand, just ask. There is nothing wrong with asking. In fact, not asking the big problem. Just by talking about a question or researching it on your own you can more than double the rate that you learn French.

Nothing beats a great one-on-one French lesson. If you're ready to parler français like the French, click here to get started today with a Fourmi teacher.


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