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Why Don't You Make Progress in French?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

For how many months or years have you studied French but still aren't fluent? Do you wonder why you don't make progress in French very quickly? Here's why.

You don't review. If you're learning new content without reviewing the material you previously studied, you can't make progress. People forget what they see or hear if they only look at it once. A great tool for reviewing is flashcards, and Fourmi teachers recommend the app called Brainscape. Review each lesson within eight hours of completing it before proceeding onto new content. That will reinforce the material in your brain.

You don't open yourself to French. You don't use available resources in French, such as books, articles, videos, music, etc. If you're not looking to find out more about the French language and culture, get started now. Search the web for whatever you normally like... but look for French websites/videos. Focus on French and francophone culture! You will be amazed at how rich it is!

You don't have enough classes. Having one or two classes a week is one of the reasons you don't notice any progress in your language proficiency. Working with a Fourmi teacher four to five times a week is the best way to become fluent in French in the shortest amount of time. Why four to five times a week? Read this article to figure out how classes is best for you.

If you want to make progress and dazzle yourself (and your friends!) with your fluency, you have to work regularly. If you choose a Fourmi teacher, you can be a fourmi, too... an ant! Why an ant? Ants know how to get the job done with continuous and determined effort. You will be a great French speaker by adopting the fourmi methods. Read to make your French dreams come true? Join Fourmi Languages and our teachers will guide you through your language learning adventure.

You don't know where to start? We will show you the quickest and easiest way to become an excellent French speaker. Write to us on

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