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How many classes per week do I need to make progress?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

So, you decided to learn a foreign language. Congratulations! That's a fantastic decision. But now you are wondering: How many classes per week do I need to make progress? A great question... and here's the answer.

One class per week might slow you down. If you're working on your own and making efforts daily, one class per week with your teacher might be sufficient, but probably not. Generally, one class per week will not bring you quick results.

Two classes per week is a good start. In some language schools, two times a week is the usual rhythm. It's a fair option because it will make you work more consistently. However, if you don't work after a class and throughout the week, you will not make as much progress as you would like to.

Three classes per week is a good investment. This is the option we normally suggest for the "turtles," those people who want to make slow but steady progress. If you have three classes per week, your teacher will get to know your learning style and will push you to do more. You'll be busy working on a regular basis... like a fourmi (ant)! A foreign language will be in your mind more often, and you will be more motivated to develop your language skills.

Four or five classes per week will help you achieve your language learning goals fast. This "formula" will give you the best results. You are in constant touch with the language, you have to work every day, and improvement is inevitable. Our top students always choose this option, and there is a remarkable difference in the motivation and results of these students. Four to five classes per week will make you fourmi fantastic!

If a teacher recommends that you have more classes, that's a great opportunity for you to invest in yourself to become a fluent fourmi. One thing has to be clear: studying a language during a class with a teacher is not enough. If you really want to refine your language skills remember: Learning a language is a long-term project. You have to work on your own. You have to be curious. You have to read, listen, write, memorize.


Fourmi teachers will guide you and help you learn a foreign language, and there is no better way to learn a language than regular meetings with an instructor and, like a fourmi, keep working at it. Continuous work pays off. Consistent work will make you fluent and confident when speaking a foreign language.


Want to talk with one of our teachers? Book your first class and amaze yourself (and your friends) when you see how quickly and easily you can succeed in your foreign language adventure! For any questions you might have, write to us on We can also arrange brief call (Skype/Zoom) so we can start a conversation.

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