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Should You Play Kids' Songs in French to Improve Your French?

I recently became a parent, and my music taste has changed. Instead of listening to the songs I generally listen to, I now listen to nursery rhymes.

In the beginning, it was interesting to explore new songs in French and play them to the baby. But when the baby says no to the melody you like and prefers the rhyme that sounds irritating to you, it stops being interesting. Even though babies just came into this world, they seem to express themselves clearly.

At that moment, a question came to my mind - could adult learners improve their language skills by listening to kids' songs?

The answer is - YES!

HOW? Nursery songs help babies get familiar with basic vocabulary in the target language. Language learners need to do the same thing. This content will help you learn about various animals, family relations, different sounds, frequently used verbs, and even tenses! Les comptines, the word the French use to talk about kids' songs, will help you acquire new vocabulary fast and easy. You will learn the lyrics without thinking – you will play some of the songs many times (and even sing!).

Next time you think you are too busy to learn French because you have a baby who needs you all the time -- remember to listen to the nursery rhymes!

To help you start right away, we have made a modest selection of fun French kids' songs. Check out the Fourmi Languages children’s song playlist and learn French with comptines!


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