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How to Watch Content in French as a Beginner?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

You just started learning French, and you would like to immerse yourself in the language and culture as much as possible. What better way than to watch French movies and TV shows. But how can you watch and understand in French if you're a beginner?

When you're a beginner, you feel motivated to learn a lot. However, despite your best efforts, you often find yourself confused. That's OK. Since you’re just getting started, you should know that it takes time to improve your French skills enough to get to the next level. To achieve the intermediate and advanced level, you have to work continually, as we explained in this article. Furthermore, you have to surround yourself with the French language. One of the ways is to watch videos, TV shows, and films in French.

For some learners, watching content in French as a beginner might be frustrating. Why? 1) French people speak fast, and 2) The shows themselves are not designed for French learners, but are rather meant for native French speakers.

If you want to really get good at speaking French, you will have to struggle through the first phase - watching without actually understanding everything they say. That's the essential phase. Once you decide to do this regularly and continue doing it (even though you don't catch every single word), you are on the right path. It will be difficult, and somewhat frustrating, but if you work as a fourmi, you will get to the next phase - understanding the content. Once you reach that level, you should be proud of yourself and you will really enjoy what you watch in French.


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