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Are You Happy With Your Language Achievements This Year?

In the end of December, we look back and summarize what we achieved this year.

At Fourmi Languages, we're asking our students and friends: Are You Happy With Your Language Achievements This Year?

The year 2020 will be remembered for the pandemic that completely changed our lives. However, it has brought us some good things - we stayed at home and had more time to spend with our family. Some of us used this period to improve our skills. (I’m using this opportunity to say « Bravo! » to all Fourmi students who worked hard throughout the year - your French is way better than it was in 2019!) People completed a lot of projects even though this year wasn’t exactly what we expected.

Many people decided to start learning French at home. Our devoted instructors worked hard to teach French language and culture. They made learning French fast and easy.

If you’re a French language learner, you might be asking yourself: "Did I make any progress in French this year?" Here’s an easy way to find out.

  1. Did you learn new things you didn’t know before?

  2. Do you understand when your teacher speaks in French?

  3. Are you more comfortable when speaking in French?

  4. Can you express your thoughts in French?

  5. Did you work on your French daily?

If you answered "Yes" to at least THREE questions, bravo to you! That means that you put in a lot of effort to improve your French skills, and you see the results of it. You should set new goals for 2021 and work on accomplishing them.

If you answered "No" to more than two questions, that means this year was very busy for you and, unfortunately, your French didn’t improve the way you imagined. If you would like to change this result, we have a great idea for you! Schedule your first class with a Fourmi teacher. Once we hear your thoughts and goals, we will do our best to help you speak better French.

We hope that you achieved your personal and professional goals this year. However, if this year wasn’t the best one for you, keep going. This was definitely a tough year for all of us. Despite the impact the pandemic had on our lives, we should never forget the core values: work hard, show love and compassion, help others, and be grateful.


Want to improve your French and gain confidence when speaking in 2021? To schedule your class with a Fourmi teacher, write to us at or fill out this questionnaire.

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