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Learn Basic French Color and Shape Vocabulary with Useful Examples

Are you looking to learn French colors and shapes? If you're eager to learn the language basics and want to expand your French vocabulary, continue reading this article. Here you will find a basic set of words to help you better understand their meaning, and learn how to use and pronounce them.

Understanding the Vocabulary

In French, all color and shape words can are nouns or adjectives. They describe either the color of something or its shape. When you learn different colors and shapes in French, you will express yourself more fluently, efficiently, and accurately.

Color Vocabulary

The French language has numerous words to describe different colors. Here are some of the most frequently encountered colors:

• Bleu (blue)

• Rouge (red)

• Jaune (yellow)

• Vert (green)

• Violet (purple)

• Noir (black)

• Blanc (white)

• Rose (pink)

You can use each color word in a sentence to enhance your communication in French. For example, if you want to say: the shirt is red, you can say la chemise est rouge.

Shape Vocabulary

The French language also has a large number of words to describe shapes. Here are some of the most commonly encountered shape words:

• Rectangle (rectangle)

• Triangle (triangle)

• Cercle (circle)

• Carré (square)

• Étoile (star)

• Ellipse (ellipse)

• Ovale (oval)

You can use these words in sentences just like the color words. For example, if you want to say: the table is a square, you can say la table est un carré.

Learning the French language can be a lot of fun, and it is beneficial to know essential French vocabulary. Understanding the words for colors and shapes is handy in everyday conversations.

Now that you know these words, why not give them a try? Start using them in your conversations - get ready to impress everyone with your French language skills!


Learning French can be fun, fast, and easy! If you're looking for a French teacher to help you out, write to us at, or fill in this brief questionnaire.


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