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6 French Musicians That Will Help You Improve Your French

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Using different techniques to improve your French skills is a great idea. Have you ever listened to French musicians? Music can definitely help you improve your French.

As we explained in our previous article, there are a lot of reasons why you should listen to French music. In this article, we will present you with some artists that will help you improve your French skills. Allons-y!

Joe Dassin - This American-born French singer has wonderful songs that will not only help you improve your French, but will also introduce you to the French culture. Listen to the song “Aux Champs-Elysées,” but don’t stop there. Listen to “À toi,” a touching love song. Joe Dassin shows feelings and you will surely like his lyrics. 

Edith Piaf - This chanteuse was incredibly popular and known for her expressive interpretation. By listening to her, you will learn more about the French ballad. Check out this song to understand better - “La vie en rose.” If you want to know more about her, look up the biographical movie with the same name (La vie en rose (2007)).

Georges Brassens - He is one of the most famous cabaret singers. If you want to practice pronunciation, singing the verses of this chanteur will definitely be a great challenge! We recommend this one

Renan Luce - This musician is influenced by Georges Brassens, but his songs have a modern vibe. Explore his music by listening to "La Lettre".

Angèle - She is a young and popular singer from Belgium. Famous for her unique voice, as well as style, she conquered the audience in French-speaking countries and around the world. Listen to this song to see why people adore her.

Julien Doré - This artist was the winner of the fifth season of the French show "Nouvelle Star." His specific rhythm will serve you to discover the French music scene. Listen to this song from his newest album. You will be seduced by its sound!

Unfortunately, this article cannot include all exceptional French musicians. Happily, you can hear them on your own (or in one of our future posts). We listed just a few French singers that you should listen to in order to improve your French skills.

To develop your French skills with French music, try out these two simple steps:

  1. Listen to the same song(s) every day;

  2. Choose one specific song that you like, find the lyrics, and try singing with the musician! (Even if you don't have a great voice, you will acquire great French skills.)

Learning doesn't have to be boring and difficult! At Fourmi Languages, we make it fun and easy!


Do you have any favorite musicians? Share your favorite song with us!


Would you like to learn more about French culture with your private tutor? Write to us at and we will help you get your French skills to the next level! Book your first class (Skype/Zoom) by filling out this questionnaire.

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