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5 Commonly Used French Expressions with the Word “AIR”

Combining different words in a language makes the language rich. The French language consists of many idiomatic expressions that people use daily.

Unfortunately, you can understand all the words, but not the meaning of these expressions. How so?

Les expressions idiomatiques don’t mean the same as the combination of words they’re made of. That’s why you need to learn the meanings of these phrases to understand them and actively use them!

This article will help you learn 5 commonly used French expressions with the word AIR. Read the sentences below and try to guess their meaning. Allons-y!

1. Être tête en l’air

She forgot her keys. Again! Elle est un peu tête en l’air.

2. Prendre l’air

He had to go for a walk to prendre l’air.

3. Être dans l’air du temps

Vacation in Paris, that’s dans l’air du temps.

4. Faire une promesse en l’air

He never keeps his promises. Il fait des promesses en l’air.

5. Prendre des grands airs

Since she won the lottery, elle a pris des grands airs. She doesn’t hang out with us anymore.

To check if you understand the expressions, here is their meaning in English.

  1. To be absent-minded.

  2. To get some fresh air.

  3. To be in fashion, in the spirit of the time.

  4. To make an empty promise.

  5. To put on airs.

How many did you get right?

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