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Communicate in Frenchfrom yourfirst French lesson!

Learn how to communicate in French - making sentences and thinking in French is not difficult to achieve.

Make tiny steps day by day, and you will notice significant progress.

Learning a language is a lifelong journey - the more time and effort you invest, the more satisfied you'll be with the results.


Ivana Tučev,
Founder and Teacher

Private Lessons

One-on-one online lessons adjusted to your needs.

Participate in Conversation Workshops

Conversation workshops

for intermediate French learners.


These sessions offer

the perfect opportunity

to boost your confidence and start speaking in French. 


Download our free e-book

50 Essential
French Phrases

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"Although I studied French in school, I never felt comfortable speaking the language. Fast forward a few decades and my daughter married a French man, so I decided to really focus on improving my French speaking skills. I signed up to learn French the Fourmi way, and now I consider myself basically fluent, capable of conducting investment business in French, and I have loved speaking French in France when I have visited. Fourmi Languages is the best way to learn French that I have found."

— Douglas Goldstein,


Experience Real-Life Conversations
in Our Workshops!

Fourmi Conversations are online group sessions where

French learners exchange their opinions on a specific topic.


Our conversation workshops for intermediate French learners offer the perfect opportunity to boost your confidence and start speaking in French. These workshops provide you with a comfortable and supportive environment to master your speaking and listening skills. With the opportunity to speak only in French, these workshops are tailored to meet your individual needs and make learning French fun.


Be fourmidable, speak French!

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