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Fourmi Conversations

Fourmi Conversations are online group sessions where French learners exchange their opinions on a specific topic.


The main goal of these meetings is to improve your language skills and get comfortable speaking in French.


Be FOURMIdable, speak French!

What do I get with
Fourmi Conversations?

Your goal is to speak French - be able to communicate with other French speakers.

→ Fourmi Conversations workshops offer you the opportunity to discuss in French with other people who are learning French. That’s perfect because you all have similar knowledge and you will not be embarrassed to speak up.

On the other hand, you all use a different vocabulary which will help you learn from others, and others will learn from you, too!

→ Topics we discuss are related to everyday life - we’ll talk about leisure, food, traveling, family, and many more! You can also give your suggestions and help us pick the right topic for discussion. 

Fourmi Conversations

The goal of the workshop is to help you get comfortable speaking on a certain topic.

To reinforce your language skills, you will receive:

One-page document

that contains

the essential information related to the discussion

Audio recap

 with the most important parts of the discussion


to apply what you have learned and to activate your knowledge

Check out our Quiz Section!

To continue practicing the vocabulary used during Fourmi Conversation workshops, you have access to the quiz section.

Practice and learn new vocabulary the fun and easy way!

I just finished participating in the Fourmi Conversations discussion group with Ivana Tucev. We were a group of 3 students conversing about "loisirs" or leisure activities. Ivana prepared questions for us and made sure we all participated with our opinions. 


She encouraged us, celebrated our speaking and corrected our missteps in a non-threatening way. I find myself remembering the corrections better since it was in real time. 


This conversation forum worked because Ivana is a skilled language professor who knows the balance of encouraging and correcting. After the discussion group, she sent a recording of our discussion with highlights of the key learnings reinforced. She closed the loop from start to finish. I cannot wait for the next discussion group.

Lorraine Lerner, U.S.

Alexa Young, CA

Enhance Your French Skills with
Fourmi Conversations!

By signing up, you will receive all the information about our upcoming workshops.

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