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AVOIR - One of the 5 Most Important French Verbs to Learn

If you’ve been learning French for some time now, you know the importance of knowing French verbs, especially the commonly used ones. If you are a beginner in learning French, you should start with grammar and slowly build your vocabulary. You’ll quickly become a good French speaker if you master the five essential French verbs. In this article, we’ll cover one of them - the verb AVOIR.

the French verb AVOIR
verb AVOIR

Once you learn the meaning and how to use this grammatically correctly, you’ll easily form various sentences in French. You’ll have both good grammar and a solid grasp of basic vocabulary.

Let’s start!

The Verb AVOIR - meaning

This verb is one of the most important French verbs - it means “to have.” You can use it in many different contexts. Let’s start with the basic ones you’ll need when you want to introduce yourself.

How and When to Use AVOIR?

Use this verb to talk about age. In French, you’ll say: “I have X years,” instead of the phrase, “I’m X years old” in English.

Example: J’ai 25 ans. (I am 25 years old.)

When you introduce yourself, you might want to talk about your family. In that case, you will also use this verb to say you have parents, brothers, sisters, etc.

Example: J’ai une sœur. Elle a 23 ans. (I have a sister. She is 23 years old.)

Other Expressions

AVOIR is also present in everyday expressions. To express your needs, you’ll use the following expressions :

Avoir faim - to be hungry

  • Elle a faim. Elle va manger quelque chose. (She is hungry. She will have something to eat.)

Avoir soif - to be thirsty

  • Ils ont soif. Ils boivent de l’eau. (They are thirsty. They drink water.)

Avoir besoin de quelque chose - to have a need for something

  • J’ai besoin d’un stylo pour écrire. (I need a pen to write)

In our upcoming articles, we will cover many other useful expressions with AVOIR. Remember, the best way to learn a language is to be curious, learn new things, and repeat what you have learned.

Do you know any other expressions with AVOIR?


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