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Why Choose Fourmi Languages?
  • Skilled teachers. Our teachers are qualified, experienced, and considered among the top language professionals in the world.

  • Individual lessons. If you’ve ever sat in classroom to learn a language, you know that you rarely get to speak more than a few words per session. The only way to become proficient at a language is to have conversations where you actively participate. With Fourmi Languages’ individual classes, the teacher concentrates on you. Your progress is the the #1 goal.

  • Personalized program.  Once you have a first class with your Fourmi teacher, we will create a program that will help you achieve the language results you want.

  • Flexible schedule. You choose the days and times for your classes. The schedule is completely designed for you! How many days per week should you meet your instructor? Click here to find out.

  • Affordable pricing. As an independent school that finds the best teachers around the world, we are able to offer top-tier private classes at affordable rates.

For more information, feel free to write to us on 

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