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8 Useful Business Phrases for Successful Entrepreneurs

Speaking the mother tongue of your conversation partner makes a great impression. If you are an entrepreneur learning French for business, you need confidence when communicating in French.

Your French-speaking associates would be flattered - they would appreciate your efforts to speak their language. Here are 8 essential tips for a good business exchange in French.

  1. Madame, Monsieur... - If you have a business conversation, you should start with Mrs. or Mr. If the atmosphere becomes more relaxed, you can directly address the people by their first name.

  2. Vous... tu...? In English, there is no such doubt. No matter if the situation is official or unofficial, you always use the same pronoun - you. In French, however, you should be careful - vous is used in a formal conversation and shows respect to your partner. But, if your French interlocutor suggests using "tu" (On peut se tutoyer?), that means that the tone will become more personal and friendly.

  3. Premièrement, deuxièmement, finalement.- When you have many things to say, use these words to organize your exposé. Your thoughts will be structured; therefore, you will sound more professional.

  4. S’il vous plaît, continuez, j’aimerais entendre votre point de vue. If you would like to hear another person's opinions, this sentence will help you express yourself properly. Politeness in French is appreciated in every way of communication, so never forget to say S'il vous plaît!  You will be satisfied with the results of the polite way of saying: Please, continue, I would like to hear your point of view.

  5. Je partage votre opinion, mais... - A kind way to say that you don't completely agree with someone, is to say that you are sharing their opinion, but...

  6. D'un côté, ... de l'autre côté. - If you're giving opposing viewpoints, this expression is equivalent to On the one hand... on the other hand in English.

  7. Effectivement. Tout à fait. - If you agree with someone, you can always say Je suis d'accord avec vous, or Je vous comprends. If you would like to get your business French to the next level, start using these two expressions.

  8. Je vous remercie pour votre temps (précieux). C’était un plaisir d'échanger avec vous. To end the conversation in a friendly mood, use these phrases. Being thankful for the time your speaking partner devoted to you is a polite way to conclude the talk. It was a pleasure to exchange with you is another polite phrase to show appreciation à la française.

Click here if you want help pronouncing all of the phrases in this article.

Successful entrepreneurs need to have clear and efficient communication with their partners. The way you express yourself talks for you. The better you structure your thoughts, the more people appreciate you. Try using these expressions and you'll notice the positive effects they produce!


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